After the Macan, Porsche plans a Cayenne EV and another high-performance electric SUV

PowerPoint slide on Porsche press conference stage with a big SUV covered by a black cloth. The slide reads, “D segment fully electric SUV.”
Porsche’s new veiled high-end electric SUV. | Image: Porsche

Porsche is working on a brand-new high-end electric SUV, the luxury automaker announced during its annual press conference on Monday. The yet-to-be-named EV will be fourth in the company’s updated electric vehicle lineup that includes an electric Macan for 2024, followed by an electric version of the two-seater 718 and a newly announced all-electric version of the Cayenne.

The electric SUV will be positioned as a performance model above the Cayenne and will be based on a new Porsche-developed SSP Sport electric vehicle platform. The automaker’s parent company, Volkswagen, had been developing the new SSP platform to succeed its MEB platform. But the process has been plagued with software issues, causing a delay to Volkswagen’s “Project…

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