Fitbit users are mad, and Google’s solution won’t help

Graphic of the Fitbit logo
Increasing accessibility is always good, but so is fixing the issues your customers have been complaining about. | Image: The Verge

Fitbit users haven’t been too pleased as of late, but while there’s a lot that Google could do to make things better, its latest announcement ain’t it.

At its The Check Up event earlier today, Google announced it’s opening up more of Fitbit’s Health Metrics Dashboard to nonsubscribers. The company says that any user with a compatible device — aka a Pixel Watch or Fitbit device — will be able to view their daily, weekly, monthly, and 90-day trends for breathing rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, oxygen saturation, and resting heart rate. Nonsubscribers will also get personalized insights whenever their data deviates from their long-term baselines.

It’s always nice to see companies add extra value to free tiers. That said,…

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