Disney is releasing a very expensive 100-movie Blu-ray collection

A picture of all the parts of the collection in separate pieces. The volumes are shaped like a pentagram, one is pictured open, with sleeves on the outer edge of the displayed page, which has movie posters near each disc representing the movies. The book is also shown from the back, standing on its own with a stand that folds out like a folio case for, say, an iPad.
The Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection. | Image: Disney

Disney is releasing a 100-film Blu-ray collection on November 14th called the Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection (via The Wrap). Preorders for the Walmart exclusive are available now at Walmart’s website and we regret to inform you it’s $1,499.96.

The collection includes movies from both Disney and Pixar, all crammed into three volumes of discs that span Disney’s entire feature film history from 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to this year’s Elemental.

In an email to The Verge, Disney publicity executive Chris Bess said there are 118 discs in all — 100 for each individual film and 18 additional discs with bonus content for Pixar films. Unfortunately, Bess also says these are HD transfers, not 4K Blu-rays. Alas.

Still, it’s…

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